• Wondesigns

    "We are a London based design company, and our client is in Oklahoma. I didn't want to print in the UK and ship it all to the client, so instead I searched for a local printer in the USA. We came across Mercury Press Inc, I did all the checks in terms of cost, quality and service.
    I am super impressed at all three of the deliveries of our requirements. The client is over-the-moon, I couldn't be happier with the process. Richard Osborn, the President of MPI, gave us such quality service and attention to detail, helping us with sizing from the metrics system to inches. I now wish they would move to London so we can use them again!"

    "Thank you MPI team you have made a job - that could have been very difficult - very easy!"

    ~~ Caren Johnstone
    ~~ Wondesigns

  • Pioneer Library

    "People are quite literally gasping when they open the Annual Report. It is taking their breath away, it is so beautiful. And from the mouths of those who know about such things, the first comments have been “the printer did a great job!”
    I agree. You did a great job. It is subtle and spectacular at the same time. I could not be more proud."


    ~~ Gary Kramer
    ~~ Pioneer Library System

  • OKC Thunder

    “I felt that my print representative went the extra mile to see that my project was done perfectly. Since starting in Oklahoma City as the Creative Director, I’m reluctant to send high-end jobs out as first jobs to new vendors, but something told me it would be a success and it was.”
    ~~ Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Rose State College

    "They are one of the most dependable, honest and friendly printers I have ever worked with.”
    ~~ Rose State College


    “The majority of our projects are complex and very deadline driven. Mercury Press provides insight to help us develop the results we needed and continually meets our deadlines.”
    ~~ OPUBCO Communications

  • Cattleman's

    “We have a long standing and good relationship with all of the staff at Mercury Press, Inc. They truly understand the printing industry and are able to deliver in a timely manner.”
    ~~ Oklahoma Cattleman's Association

  • Northwestern Ok State University

    “They provide suggestions on how to print my documents to get the results I need. We trust them completely!”
    ~~ Northwestern Oklahoma State University

  • Pioneer Library System 2

    “The professional staff at Mercury Press work so closely with me that I think of them more as colleagues than contractors. Quite frankly, their standards are higher than mine.”
    ~~ Pioneer Library System

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